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Small Business and the Federal Budget


Government and Economy

Obama's Small View of Small Business

When it was released, the budget President Obama unveiled sparked a war of words all over the capital. The disagreements were so profound on a host of topics—including small business—that it’s almost as if people were looking at two entirely different documents. Reuters/Front Row Washington blog

SBA's 'Goodwill' Leaves Much to be Desired

Business brokers are worried that the SBA's new loan cap rule will jeopardize entrepreneurship.

Management and Financial Issues

Building a Customer Experience Culture

How to Get Everyone Working to the Same Customer Experience Goal.

Find Your Funding: Your Business Model

Potential investors these days are paying more attention than ever to a startup's business model. Here's how to make yours bulletproof.

Technology Issues

Web Conferencing Booms With Small Businesses

If you are looking to cut costs, online conferencing can slash your travel budget and even increase your sales. The trick is to pick the right service.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Obama Budget Raises Issues for Employers

The $3.5 trillion federal budget includes healthcare reform, expanded unemployment benefits and a requirement that employers enroll their employees in retirement plans. Workforce Management

Card Check: Heading-off the Coming Battle

Business and labor are gearing for a colossal fight over the 'card check' bill. But two improbably coupled labor-war veterans have an idea for a grand compromise.

Sales and Marketing

All You Need is Love: Recruiting & Retaining Sales Leaders
When you want to build a great sales team, remember that a little "love" can go a long way in recruiting and retain top salespeople.

Can “Buy Local” Beat the Recession?

Small business owners are banding together and encouraging their customers to shop at nearby independents. Would a campaign like this help your business?

Knowing When to Ease Up On Frequency
A drill-down exercise into some common complaints about overeager senders.