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New Credit Card Rules' Double Standard

In the NewsStimulus Funding for SBA Loans Runs Out—AgainIn a case of legislative déjà vu, the Small Business Administration has announced that funding for two popular lending programs is on the verge of running out - again. WSJ.comIn the NewsConsumers Buy Into 'Buy Local'More groups are forming to send shoppers to home-grown independent businesses. But their impact on jobs is hard to quantify. Management & Operations [Read Full Article]

Small Business Owners to Shoppers: Stay Put

Management and OperationsIdentify New Consumer NormsThe recession has changed how customers shop, possibly forever. Management and Operations Resolving Employee Complaints Before They Hit the Internet The question is what to do about employee complaints about the workplace. It's more than a matter of damage control. Trying to repair the harm to internal morale, recruitment efforts, and corporate reputations after the fact is not as effective as preventing the damage in the first place. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

The People's Stimulus Plan

  Government, Politics and the Economy The People's Stimulus It's not what Congress or the President had in mind, but towns are using $2 bills and "buy local" promotions to launch their own stimulus efforts to keep local merchants in business. Obama and the Entrepreneur: The Story Behind the Photo When President Obama made his way out of a town-hall event, there was one persistent small business owner pressed him on the issue of taxes. [Read Full Article]

Buying Local: Quick Fix or Long-term Solution?

  Government, Politics and the Economy Pitching in for Main Street: A Short-Term Fix or Long-Term Prosperity? The economic downturn has prompted many consumers and neighborhood groups to actively support small businesses in their local communities, as residents pitch in to try to avoid boarded-up shops on Main Street. Still, it remains unclear whether buy-local campaigns provide just a short-term boost or a lasting impact on revenues. Dumbest Moments in Business 2009 The first six months of 2009 has, so far, been filled with business and economic decisions that have left us all scratching our heads. From this embarass... [Read Full Article]

Saving Small Businesses by Buying Local

  Government and Economy Saving Small Businesses by Buying Local Tired of seeing local small businesses being ravaged by the recession, some people are trying to reverse the fortunes of mom-and-pop stores by organizing their towns to “buy local.” Military Contracts: Big Help for Small Businesses With the economy the way it is, some small businesses are finding both safety and profits in pursuing military contracts. [Read Full Article]

Buy Local Networks and You

We first visited the buy local movement about a year ago, and since then it has grown, even as the economy has declined. Small businesses today are banding together in even greater numbers than ever before to promote the idea of buying from local businesses. Detractors of this movement, mostly those who have a stake in national and international economics or who feel that having cash circulating through the local economy is just not that important, claim that the buy local movement offers little in terms of economic growth. Supporters, however, point out that keeping wealth circulating within the local economy helps to mitigate the very real damage being done as the national and international economies continue to spiral down to collapse. How Buy Local Networks Function At the heart of the movement is the following value proposition: Spending at local busine... [Read Full Article]

Small Business and the Federal Budget

  Government and Economy Obama's Small View of Small Business When it was released, the budget President Obama unveiled sparked a war of words all over the capital. The disagreements were so profound on a host of topics—including small business—that it’s almost as if people were looking at two entirely different documents. Reuters/Front Row Washington blog SBA's 'Goodwill' Leaves Much to be Desired Business brokers are worried that the SBA's new loan cap rule will jeopardize entrepreneurship. Management and Financial Issues [Read Full Article]

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