Buying Local: Quick Fix or Long-term Solution?


Government, Politics and the Economy

Pitching in for Main Street: A Short-Term Fix or Long-Term Prosperity?

The economic downturn has prompted many consumers and neighborhood groups to actively support small businesses in their local communities, as residents pitch in to try to avoid boarded-up shops on Main Street. Still, it remains unclear whether buy-local campaigns provide just a short-term boost or a lasting impact on revenues.

Dumbest Moments in Business 2009

The first six months of 2009 has, so far, been filled with business and economic decisions that have left us all scratching our heads. From this embarassment of stupidities, here are the 17 dumbest so far.

Management and Operations

Forget The Creative Filters: Get Buy In!

For any leader, a great new idea is like striking gold. It can be mined, collected, examined, enriched and sold; but prospecting for that golden idea can be very difficult.

12 Additions to Your Workplace Vocabulary

Here are some explanations for a dozen examples of some not-so-common workplace phrases to help you stay up to speed the next time you are at the water cooler or in a meeting.

Legal Issues

Supreme Court: Anti-Retaliation Rules Clarified
A recent Supreme Court ruling asserts that Title VII covers an employee’s report of discrimination, whether on his own accord or in response to the employer’s internal investigation of such matters.

New Federal Initiatives in Corporate Governance

If your business is a corporation, this is for you: Leading legislators and regulators have announced a series of initiatives that indicate a growing momentum for greater federal involvement in public company corporate governance matters, a realm historically left largely to state law.

Taxes and Financial Issues

When an LLC Fails, Who Pays the Debts?

In theory, if a limited-liability company cannot pay up, then landlords and other creditors cannot come after the owners' personal assets. How do they get paid?

Technology Issues

Are Your Business Applications Letting You Down?

Due for formal release later this week, a study conducted by Dimensional Research reveals some remarkable—and troubling—statistics about business systems performance and the response times for problem resolution.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Save by Putting Your Benefits Plan up for Bid
Rather than simply renewing their benefits plans with existing providers, many companies find that by putting their plans up for bid, they are seeing big cost savings.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

CRM: The Impact of Search Click-Throughs on Your Business
If you are looking at the difference in how people convert or behave on your website, based on whether they come from organic or paid and from Google or Bing, then it's time to get a handle on your visitor data.

Online Remarketing: Going After Consumers who Abandon Their Shopping Carts

There are three things that prove shopping cart abandonment e-mail campaigns are good for us as shop-owners and marketers, and good for the customer as well.