Small Business Taxes Still Up For Grabs


Government and Economy

GOP Continuing Fight With Dems Over Small Business Taxes

While there would be only a few small businesses that would see a tax increase under President Obama's budget plan, those companies in line for higher taxes employ the most workers and could be hit hard.

SBA Raises Surety Bond Limits

The SBA is raising the guarantee ceiling on contractor surety bonds to $5 million, more than double the previous $2 million ceiling.

Congress Not Consulted About Wagoner Ousting
President Obama didn't want any advice from Congress on the decision to ask Rick Wagoner to resign, according to Carl Levin (D), Michigan's senior senator.

Management and Financial Issues

In Hard Times, Renegotiate

With the recession in full swing, you may find that the companies you do business with are willing to renegotiate their existing arrangements with you in order to keep your business.

New Report: Credit Card Regulation Would Hurt Small Business

A new report by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council argues that government regulation of the credit card industry ultimately hurts small businesses, by making it harder for card issuers to stay competitive and offer the most flexible terms and best rates to businesses.

Technology Issues

Making Web Analytics and User Experience Design Work Together
The traveling carnival is a perfect metaphor for a website since with both, each experience extends far beyond the gates.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Healthcare Report Out, Ignores Problem Areas

A broad coalition of business, healthcare and consumer groups have issued a long-awaited report outlining its consensus views on health reform. The report, however, bypasses the most contentious issues and the group lost the support of two big labor unions in the process.

Sales and Marketing

Identifying Social Influencers
Do you want to know what influencers are at work on your email marketing list? Check out this real-life example.

Lead-Mining on Twitter

You can turn up great sales leads on Twitter. Here are some ideas how to do it.

Leveraging Facebook
Learn how to leverage social networking, transform the way your business operates and profit from doing so.