Does Obama Understand Small Business? Most Entrepreneurs Say 'No.'


Government and Economy

Small Business: Obama Just Doesn't Understand Us

According to a survey by City Business Journals Network, nearly 60% of small business owners think the Obama administration doesn’t understand small business while better than 40% are less optimistic about the national economy than they were when President Barack Obama took office.

Venture Capitalists: Don't Treat Us Like Hedge Funds

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner wants to see venture capitalists, hedge funds and private equity firms registered with the SEC and subject to disclosure requirements and inspections but venture capitals say the new rules are misguided and hazardous to the country’s economic health.

Small Business and the Stimulus

The federal recovery package amounts to $787 billion in new spending, but how much of it will really end up in the hands of the nation's main job creators—small business owners?

Management and Financial Issues

Your Business's Selling Price

Sometimes you need to sell the business, but at what price? There's no single formula that will tell you the absolute correct price, but there are ways to value your company and determine your asking price.

Technology Issues

Small Business Soon to Respond on Yelp

Yelp, the website where users post reviews of local small businesses is about to level the playing field a bit. Small businesses will soon be able to respond to the reviews that users post about them.

Changes to Web Addresses Causing a Stir

A major change may be on its way when it comes to Web addresses. A proposal to expand the endings to include anything from .a to .z has businesses worried that they will have to spend millions to guard their brand names.

Benefits and Labor Issues

The EFCA and the RESPECT Act: What Now?
Since the passage of these bills, designed to spur an unprecedented revival of unionization in the US, is very likely, this is the time for union-free employers to begin combating this expected new wave of organized labor. Here are steps you should take.

Sales and Marketing

The Perfect Pitchman for Your Products

Looking for the right pitchman? Inventor Michael Boehm did it when he approached boxing great George Foreman with his prototype compact grill. Since then, the George Foreman grill has sold millions. Here are some ideas to help you find the same success.

Is This the End of Online Advertising?
Make media. Earn media. Just don't buy media.