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Yelp Reviews No Longer Appear in Google Maps

Last week we discussed which websites feed the most restaurant reviews into Google’s Local Business Center (LBC). While Citysearch impressively captured nearly 47% of the restaurant reviews appearing on Google Maps, it was Yelp’s complete lack of reviews that inspired the most curiosity here at EZlocal. Our crack SEO team has been helping small businesses get found on Google for a few years now, during which time we grew accustomed to seeing Yelp reviews in Google’s LBC. Now, finding a Yelp review in Google Maps is almost unheard of. Why? As near as we can tell, the reviews disappeared from the LBC after acquisition talks between the two companies disintegrated back in December 2009. It is reported that Google offered [Read Full Article]

Encouraging Customer Reviews: 4 Tips to Get People Talking About Your Small Business

Update 02/01/2013: Google has since updated their review content guidelines to prohibit review stations and giving customers free gifts or discounts for leaving reviews. This article was written prior to the change and may provide information that is no longer relevant or considered a best practice. Small businesses are in a unique position to truly benefit from customer reviews.  Chains are pretty well locked into their branding and there tends to be very little differentiation city-to-city and state-to-state.  They will build reputations for being consistent and predictable, but rarely break through to extraordinary.  However, small businesses are unencumbered by these expectations; small businesses have the opportunity to make a name for themselves as some... [Read Full Article]

Local Business SEO - Ultimate Guide: Part 1: References/Citations

Everyday local search becomes more integrated into the old fashioned search results.  Google expanded its local search universe again recently and shows no signs of slowing.      The Google Local Business Center is so great because you can dissect a listing and really understand why it is ranked.  Not only does the business owner have the opportunity to provide details, but Google finds other sites that reference a business and includes it in the listing details.  For example, searching custom closets Broadview, IL  [Read Full Article]

Budget for Tax Enforcement to Double in 2010

  Government and Economy Obama Doubles Tax Law Enforcement Budget President Obama has proposed a near doubling of the funds to enforce U.S. tax laws next year, with an aim of more than quadrupling funding for tax compliance to $2.1 billion within five years. Stress Test: Banks Need More Money, Taxpayers May Not Have to Pay True, the stress tests show that the banks need more funds, but that does not necessarily mean they will get that money from the government as the Obama administration is suggesting that the rescue money that Congress has already approved will be enough to fill the gaps. [Read Full Article]

Does Obama Understand Small Business? Most Entrepreneurs Say 'No.'

  Government and Economy Small Business: Obama Just Doesn't Understand Us According to a survey by City Business Journals Network, nearly 60% of small business owners think the Obama administration doesn’t understand small business while better than 40% are less optimistic about the national economy than they were when President Barack Obama took office. Venture Capitalists: Don't Treat Us Like Hedge Funds Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner wants to see venture capitalists, hedge funds and private equity firms registered with the SEC and subject to disclosure requireme... [Read Full Article]

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