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Entrepreneurs Facing Heavy Tax Hikes


Government and Economy

The Push for Online Sales Taxes

States and the federal government are working hard now to turn e-tailers into tax collecters. In these efforts, some powerful online entities like and eBay stand opposed, while others like are calling for uniformity.

Small Business Tax Cuts Dwarfed by Proposed Tax Increases

Business owners are watching the President spend more money than any president in history while, at the same time, proposing an extra $1.3 trillion in taxes for business and high earners over the next decade to pay for it.

Management and Financial Issues

Incredible Shrinking Merchants' Accounts

Citing increased bankruptcy risks, more credit card processors are demanding—or simply taking—cash reserves from struggling small business owners.

California VC Firm Broadens its Horizons with New Fund

Seed-stage investor DFJ Frontier is expanding its investment philosophy to include companies outside of Silicon Valley, the traditional center of California start-up activity.

NotontheHighStreet: The Dot-Com Success Story

Notonthehighstreet is a growing online crafts retailer that is enjoying rare dot-com success despite the recession.

Technology Issues

Is Your Website Working for You?

You don't need to wonder if your website is doing what you want it to do, here are some ideas to help you determine if its paying off as promised.

Benefits and Labor Issues

New 401(k) Fee Disclosure Bill Introduced in House
Recognizing that the current law is needlessly complex, the new legislation simplifies fee disclosure in order to allow plan participants to make better investment choices as well as to reduce fees.

Coping When an Employee Changes Gender

Major change can always disrupt a workplace, but when one of your employees changes their gender, trouble can come from a number of different directions. You can protect your company and your employees by promoting tolerance and respect.

Sales and Marketing

Creating Trust Through Email Privacy
Establishing trust is important in any relationship, but with consumers it is an absolute necessity. So, what should email marketers do to establish a trust-based relationship with their customers? Here are some ideas.

The Importance of Customer Feedback
Even though you might not be able to follow up immediately with all of your customers, it's still important to communicate to them the message that you have heard them, that are taking action and that you appreciate their participation.