Entrepreneurs Facing Heavy Tax Hikes

  Government and Economy The Push for Online Sales Taxes States and the federal government are working hard now to turn e-tailers into tax collecters. In these efforts, some powerful online entities like Overstock.com and eBay stand opposed, while others like Amazon.com are calling for uniformity. BusinessWeek.com Small Business Tax Cuts Dwarfed by Proposed Tax Increases Business owners are watching the President spend more money than any president in history while, at the same time, proposing an extra $1.3 trillion in taxes for business and high earners over the next decade to pay for it. Wash... [Read Full Article]

How To Generate and Receive Effective Feedback

Customer Surveys One way to generate feedback is to create a survey for your customers to fill out. The survey should be thorough enough to gain knowledge about both strengths and problems, but simple enough so customers will actually complete it. Questions need to cover what you feel your business excels in and what you need to work on. It is essential to include at least one question dealing with customer service as this is a crucial component of any successful small business. Providing customers with a rating scale format ensures easy feedback. Offering open ended questions also allows customers to provide feedback in their own words. Adding Incentives Another way to generate feedback is to add incentives to surveys. Some businesses provide customers with rebates or a drawing for a chance to win a variety of products. Having the incentive encourages your customers complete the survey, give you feedback about your business, and receive benefits... [Read Full Article]