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Obama: Trying to Clear the Economic Wreckage


Government and Economy

Obama: Working to Clear the Economic Wreckage

President Obama tried to reassure Americans during his Wednesday evening press conference that he is making real progress in dealing with the recession and improving the US image abroad. However, he urged patience in dealing with these and other issues.

Taxes Coming on Digital Goods

A number of states are looking to tax digital goods, yet enacting these taxes while trying encourage broadband adoption and develop a low-carbon economy sends the wrong message, according to opponents.

Opinion: Bailouts Don't Create Jobs, Startups Do

In order to spur real job creation, the Obama Administration should be investing time and money in training and funding programs for entrepreneurs, not bailing out failed companies.

Management and Financial Issues

As Recession Continues, Repair Shops Thrive

Our former throw-away society has given way to something more traditional as economic fears lead to consumers being more likely to repair what they have instead of simply buying new.

Technology Issues

Secure, Internet-based Business Cards

You no longer need to unwrap a new box of business cards every time the contact information changes. If you have a $10 Telnic Limited ".tel domain," you can update and protect your information with just the click of your mouse.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Biden: Specter Won't Change EFCA Position
Now that Senator Arlen Specter has joined the Democrat Party, Vice-President Biden says he doesn’t expect the former Republican to change his opposition to the pending card check bill.

Unions and Business Groups Square-off Over Card Check

Several prominent Washington business trade groups with significant small business representation are banding together to oppose the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act.

Immigration Reform: What You Should Do to Protect Your Business

A pair of immigration law experts offer their ideas for real immigration reform as well as advice to employers as to what they should do to protect themselves under existing law.

Sales and Marketing

Build a Great Email Marketing Strategy
There are five areas are where many email marketers get stymied. Here are some ideas to get moving again.

Marketing: Tactics for Business Growth

The most expensive and difficult way to grow your business is to focus solely on marketing to new customers. Instead, use a combination of these types of marketing tactics to get new clients and keep them coming back.

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