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Three Best Ways to Sell Excess Holiday Merchandise

Management and Operations Ten Worst Communication Blunders of 2009 From a steady review of major news events, here are the ten worst communication blunders of 2009. Management and OperationsProductivity Coach's Corner: Clear the Clutter, Create OpportunityThe following is a specific key to success in lightening the load on your body and mind. This is a practical activity, one you can do to reduce the unnecessary physical and psychological stress you may be carrying around right now. Wouldn't it be worth it to invest less than one half of an hour to regain some confidence and control? M... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Money Management: Cutting Corners

Tips from July 2, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be how to cut corners to save money in your business. Send emails rather than mail through the USPS whenever possible.  The money spent on a number of stamps will add up throughout the year.  Additionally, most businesses use email to communicate already, and When renovating your office, look to purchase used or condition furniture. Some office furniture is very expensive, and looking on websites such as eBay and Craigslist could save you money. Plan your shipping and mailing ahead of time.  Shipping in bulk will save money on fees for trucks, drivers, and general shipping costs. Take advantage of deals through various shipping companies, such as UPS. ABC members receive discounts on UPS shipping. For more information, visit [Read Full Article]

Talking Cap-and-Trade with the CEOs

  Government and Economy Obama's Budget: The Picture of Austerity? President Obama defended the $17 billion in cuts he’s making in his record-breaking $3.55 trillion budget, deflecting criticism and trying to make the case that his budget in an exercise in restraint. Climate Czar Talks Cap-and-Trade With CEOs White House climate “czar,” Carol Browner, is set to meet with executives from companies seeking more business-friendly rules to the President's proposed cap-and-trade legislation. Management and Financial Issues [Read Full Article]

Obama: Trying to Clear the Economic Wreckage

  Government and Economy Obama: Working to Clear the Economic Wreckage President Obama tried to reassure Americans during his Wednesday evening press conference that he is making real progress in dealing with the recession and improving the US image abroad. However, he urged patience in dealing with these and other issues. Taxes Coming on Digital Goods A number of states are looking to tax digital goods, yet enacting these taxes while trying encourage broadband adoption and develop a low-carbon economy sends the wrong message, according to opponents. [Read Full Article]

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