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Talking Cap-and-Trade with the CEOs


Government and Economy

Obama's Budget: The Picture of Austerity?

President Obama defended the $17 billion in cuts he’s making in his record-breaking $3.55 trillion budget, deflecting criticism and trying to make the case that his budget in an exercise in restraint.

Climate Czar Talks Cap-and-Trade With CEOs

White House climate “czar,” Carol Browner, is set to meet with executives from companies seeking more business-friendly rules to the President's proposed cap-and-trade legislation.

Management and Financial Issues

JPMorgan Chase Cuts Credit for Thousands of Small Businesses

In a display of “aggressive review” meant to protect the bank from problem loans, JPMorgan Chase has, since March, suspended the credit lines of thousands of business owners who had been clients of Washington Mutual before Chase bought WAMU in September, 2008.

Making Money vs. Raising Money

It's a real balancing act: Managing your operations while trying to simultaneously raise capital for your business. But, for many its an act they perform every day. Here's how you can strike the right balance and prosper on both ends.

Managing Transition

Transition is the mental process people have to go through in order to accept or reject the change, the "internalization" of what is happening around them. To help your staff through this process, you need to develop effective transition management skills.

Technology Issues

Who is King of the Social Media Hill?
With all the SEO specialists, PR folks, and agencies duking it out for supremacy over social media marketing, the question that comes to mind is: Who should win?

Building an Vibrant Internet Community

Explore a virtual marketplace for crafters that not only offers several ways for its customers to connect, but also embraces their off-site interaction.

Benefits and Labor Issues

GE's $6 Billion Plan for Lowering Healthcare Costs

As healthcare reform looms larger in Congress, General Electric came to Washington to launch a $6 billion initiative to provide better healthcare at lower costs to more people—goals shared by many lawmakers.

Health Reform: Tax Those With Insurance to Fund Those Without

Congress is considering a plan to pay for President Obama's ambitious healthcare reform measures. The government would simply tax the people who already have the most expensive health benefits, such as that provided by their employers.

Sales and Marketing

Making the Unforgettable Business Card

When someone asks, “May I have one of your business cards?" Do you get excited? You should! Your busines card is your most valuable marketing tool and an essential element to becoming unforgettable.

Moving Your Brand Online

One of the mistakes that small businesses make when they put their business on the Internet is that they often try to play by the old, offline rules. The digital world has its own rules to follow. Here's what you need to know.