Why is America Still Not Hiring?


Government, Politics and the Economy

Why Is America Still Not Hiring?

With the release of two pieces of important employment data, we see that employers are simply not hiring, showing only on up month out of the last eight even with the economic picture improving. Why? CNBC.com

Job Cuts Top 467K in June – Unemployment Now at 9.5%

Unemployment reached a 26-year high in June at 95% as US employers cut a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs, suggesting a tough road to economic recovery. BusinessWeek.com

Management and Operations

Customer Service: Twitter Style

Comcast has made Twitter into a powerful customer service tool. Should you? HumanCapitalist.com

Are You Prepared for a Hostile Takeover?

This year, hostile offers accounted for 47% of the merger and acquisitions in the US, compared with 24% in 2008 and 7% in 2004. In response, the Conference Board issued a report that provides a checklist of issues to consider when facing unsolicited takeover offers. ManageSmarter.com

Legal Issues

New Identity Theft Mandate Takes Effect in August

If you sell products or services on credit, take note: By August 1, 2009, you must be in compliance with the FTC's new “red flag” rules requiring creditors to implement a written program for “detection, prevention and mitigation” of identity theft of consumers’ data. BusinessManagementDaily.com

Taxes and Financial Issues

Will State Tax Breaks Boost Jobs of Hurt the Recovery?

States are doling out billions to lure companies—and jobs—away from other states. The question is whether their incentives are actually undermining America's recovery plan BusinessWeek.com

Cost Cutting: Small Business Owners Cut Down to the Bone

Recent surveys show that to keep their doors open, small business owners are still sacrificing staff, benefits, and personal savings. CNNMoney.com

Technology Issues

Website Design: Determine Your Needs – Determine Your Budget

With ecommerce in high gear these days, if you want to get in on the action, you need a website that is up to the task, but where do you start? You begin with what you need it to do and how much you are willing to spend on it. USAToday.com

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Hiring: Jobless Need Not Apply

With unemployment rising, it’s a buyer’s market for those employers that are hiring, a fact that is evidenced by the fact that many employers are bypassing the jobless to target those still working, reasoning that these survivors are the top performers. WSJ.com

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Advertising: It's about Fulfilling Demand, Not Creating It
Advertising is all about fulfilling demand, but it does not create it. Understand the difference and make your ads more effective. ClickZ.com

Advertising: Local Search
What can you do to get people to shop at your business? That is always the big question, especially during hard economic times. Consider these approaches to stretch your range. ClickZ.com

Advertising: Standards Tighten for Tracking Web Surfers

A group of advertisers is announcing stricter rules for the data collected on consumers when they surf the Web or shop online in the hopes of getting ahead of possible new government regulation. NYTimes.com