A Surtax on Small Business


Government, Politics and the Economy

Zuckerman: The Economy is Even Worse Than We Think

With unemployment numbers undermining confidence that we might be nearing the bottom of the recession, what can be seen is already disconcerting enough, but the inside numbers are just as bad. WSJ.com

A Surtax on Small Business

As the first year of the administration unfolds, it is becoming clear that Obama Democrats have chosen income redistribution over job creation and economic growth. WSJ.com

Management and Operations

Tough Times and Organizational Change

Tough economic times often go hand in hand with organizational change. The most obvious and often necessary move is to cut jobs when the top line drops, but it is also a time when companies often look to make changes to the structure of their organization. ManageSmarter.com

Parking, Politics and Customer Service

Sure, Whole Foods is a progressive, forward-thinking company, but should politics influence their customer service policies? Should people who buy hybrid vehicles get preferential treatment at the grocery store? NYTimes.com

Managing Millenials

There is a lot of talk and people are making a lot of money with seminars devoted to teaching managers how to deal with their youngest workers and clients. But, according to John Hollon, there is no need for any of that. Workforce.com

Legal Issues

Fighting Small Business Identity Theft

Identity theft is a problem that companies are loath to discuss, but with California's amended identity theft laws, protections to smaller companies are on par with those for individuals—and that helps tremendously. BusinessWeek.com

Taxes and Financial Issues

$3 Billion to Businesses for Renewable Energy

The US Treasury and the Department of Energy have announced that more than $3 billion is being made available to businesses to invest in renewable energy projects. LawAndTaxNews.com

Technology Issues

Fighting Malware: Is Free Antivirus a Waste?

Predictably, those who sell paid antivirus protection say you have to pay to get any real protection, but does the data agree? ZDNet.com

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

401(k) Plans and Exchange-Traded Funds
With the recession, Exchange Traded Funds may seem more attractive to plan sponsors. However, there is a great deal to consider before adding these products to retirement plans. Workforce.com

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Social Media: Goals and Strategy
To really take advantage of social media for your marketing efforts, you need to have more than just a Twitter account. You need to create a social media strategy and viable goals for success. ClickZ.com

Tweets That Get Attention

No luck getting results out of Twitter? Saying something relevant and interesting in 140 characters is challenging, but it can be done and these tips will help you do it. BusinessKnowHow.com

Free Advertising for Your Business

Who wouldn't want some free advertising for their business, right? Not just any advertising, either, but advertising that puts your company in front of people you want to reach. If that's you, then it's time for you to check out Google's Local Business Center. USAToday.com