SBA's Karen Mills on Thawing Small Business Credit


Government, Politics and the Economy

SBA's Karen Mills on How She's Thawing Small Business Credit

SBA Administrator Karen Mills discusses how her agency is working to get banks to lend to small business again.

Polls, Politics and the Small Business Majority

Do the Small Business Majority's Polls really indicate support for requiring employers to provide healthcare or pay the penalty? We don't know and here's why.

Shlaes: Rahm Emanuel’s Crisis Breeds Healthcare Trouble

They say that rash actions lead to reckless policies. That was a big takeaway of the economic crisis and a lesson the Obama White House needed to learn.

Management and Operations

Small Business Success: Money and Mojo

Smart business owners accept the need to learn new tricks to survive in the new economy, but which entrepreneurs are succeeding and what can we learn from? It t urns out that s uccessful owners stand out in two ways: By their money and their mojo.

The Right Time to Find a Business Partner

While it may be lonely at the top, you shouldn't rush out to find a business partner. Finding the right one for you and your business takes thought and work.

Legal Issues

FICO Lawsuit to Proceed

Fair Isaac’s trademark infringement lawsuit against credit-scoring competitors Experian and TransUnion will proceed after a US District Court judge denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss the case.

Taxes and Financial Issues

What a Higher Minimum Wage Means for Small Business

The minimum wage has just gone up—employers must now pay hourly workers at least $7.25 per hour—and many are concerned about the effect this will have on small business. But are rising labor costs entirely a bad thing?

Control Costs, Improve Your Cash-Flow, Stay in Business

We all know that poor financial management is hard to overcome, a problem exacerbated by the recession, adopting an airtight plan to control costs now is the first step to fixing your cash flow problems.

Technology Issues

The Emily Post of Twitter

Every conversation has rules, even conversations limited to 140 characters. Here are the five essentials of Twitter etiquette that you need to know before venturing out into the world of micro-blogging.

SEO: The Link Between Linking and Page Rank
The number of sites linking to your website matters to the search engines. Here's why and what you should do to make sure you're found.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Health Insurance: Paying for Healthier Employees, Not Just Healthcare
The trend in recent health insurance contracts shows how the growing interest in performance guarantees has evolved in recent years.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Reaching Teens
Teenagers make up a unique demographic. Here is what you and your marketers need to know about their use of devices and media to better reach them.

Sales Tip: Purposeful Communication
Whether it is a face-to-face meeting, a phone call, or e-mail, customers want is a reason for your communication, they want you to have a point and for you to get to it. If you do, your customer will be much more receptive to your next call.