SBA's Karen Mills on Thawing Small Business Credit

  Government, Politics and the Economy SBA's Karen Mills on How She's Thawing Small Business Credit SBA Administrator Karen Mills discusses how her agency is working to get banks to lend to small business again. Polls, Politics and the Small Business Majority Do the Small Business Majority's Polls really indicate support for requiring employers to provide healthcare or pay the penalty? We don't know and here's why. [Read Full Article]

Summer Jobs, Small Business and Community

Small business is, if nothing else, all about community. The community supports it with trade and as a source of employees, its tax revenues go back to the community and its support and sponsorship goes to community organizations and activities. Let’s face it, as small business goes, so goes the community that surrounds it. Knowing this, it seems obvious that for summer employment, small businesses would be a great place for young people to get their start. After all, these are the future employees, customers, suppliers and so on in their communities—as long as the community cares enough to want them to stay. The Problem of Teen Unemployment The figures for teen joblessness, especially among inner city teens, are terrible. By May of this year, the overall unemployment rate for teens was 18.7%, which is bad enough; but for black, inner city teens that figure jumps to an astounding 85%! Is it any wonder that places like that are in such bad shape? What makes th... [Read Full Article]