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Who Needs Santa When You Have Social Media?

Government, Politics, and the Economy
U.S. Stocks Extend Global Rally on Retail Sales, APEC Pledge
U.S. stocks added to a global rally, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to a 13-month high, after retail sales increased more than forecast and Asian government leaders pledged to maintain economic stimulus spending.

The Economy
6 Steps for Surviving the Recession
The news today just is not very good. Every time we think we are on the upside of the downturn, we get thrown for another loop, hit with another tax, told it will be just a few more months before all this turns around.

Management and Operations
A Home Office That Does the Job
Here's how one BusinessWeek reporter figured out what setup he needed so he could best work from home.

Management and Operations
7 Ways To Make Your Site More Dynamic
What types of content should small business owners be producing or aggregating to attract users, increase time spent on site and to help create a community? Find out here.

Management and Operations
Three Best Ways to Make Sure Customers Pay
If you're having a tough time getting customers to pay, you're certainly not alone.

Management and Operations
It Just Isn't Working? Some File for Customer Divorce
As weak economy exerts financial pressure, firms shred their "high-maintenance" or delinquent clients.

Employee Issues
Employee or Independent Contractor?
If you run a business and plan to have people working for you, it is important to properly classify them as either employees or independent contractors because your decision will have payroll tax implications.

Financial Issues
Companies Cut Back on Holiday Gift Giving
Expect a dearth of holiday gift baskets and other goodies next month, as the tough economy forces companies to cut back on holiday gift giving.

Financial Issues
Franchise Owners Could Be Getting Some Love In 2010
As this year starts to wind down, small business owners and executives are working on their sales goals and projections for next year. In my industry, franchising, executives are undoubtedly looking at how the credit crunch will affect their new franchise sales.

Technology Issues
Who Needs Santa When You Have Social Media?
Consumers enlist social media and mobile devices to help with holiday gifts.

Technology Issues
At Checkout, More Ways to Avoid Cash or Plastic
For almost as long as Americans have been hearing about jetpacks and picturephones, they have been hearing that money — bills, coins and plastic cards — might cease to exist, or at least become a novelty.

Technology Issues
Apple Tablet: One Tech Gadget for All
The rumored and much-hyped tablet computer from Apple could lay waste to the markets for countless other gadgets.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Training Salespeople to Stop Choking and Start Selling:The Secret to Building Sales Confidence
Today we're going to talk about muscle memory and how it applies to sales performance. But since the biggest muscle involved in sales seems to be the mouth muscle, you're going to be skeptical from the outset. That's okay. To be a successful manager or CEO, your skepticism muscle needs a daily workout, too.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Gender Bender: Rolling with a Woman's New Buying Habits
When it comes to selling to women, be reassured that once you know about their new buying habits, you'll be able to keep going—no matter what.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Three Ways to Use Content to Engage Your Audience
Marketers face a never-ending challenge trying to get more and more people to come to their Web sites.
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