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Obama Wants Estate Tax Freeze, Rhode Island Small Businesses Could See Stimulus

Government and Economy

Obama: Freeze Estate Tax at 2009 Levels
President-elect Barack Obama has proposed freezing the estate tax at 2009 levels to help cover tax cuts in low- and middle-income income brackets. The effect this will have on business is, however, debatable .

UAW Chief Happy White House, Treasury May Rescue Detroit
United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said he's happy that the White House appears poised to step in and rescue the beleaguered auto industry, although he accused GOP senators who blocked emergency loans of trying to "pierce the heart" of organized labor.

Small Business Stimulus in RI
Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri has announced plans for a $25 million small-business stimulus package. He wants the General Assembly to authorize the money to expand the SBA's loan program, increasing the guarantees to 90% so that banks are more willing to lend.

November Weak for Retail Spending
The slide in retail spending, the fifth consecutive monthly drop, showed a period of weakness never before seen on the government’s retail sales records.

Benefit and Labor Issues

New Guest Worker Rules Coming Soon
Final rule changes in the federal guest-worker program, which will take effect two days before President-elect Barack Obama takes office, will make it easier for farmers to hire immigrant workers, allow wages to be cut and reduce requirements for transporting and housing workers.

Workplace Theft on Rise
Researchers see a growing trend among workers to falsify sales transactions, seek kickbacks and steal equipment and products as the recession worsens, saying that people have a tendency to give in to temptation during hard times.

Inexpensive Thank-Yous
Paid time off and potluck holiday parties are among 10 low-budget ways for you to show appreciation to your employees.

Management and Financial Issues

Hubris Vs. Change
The captains of print and electronic media have struck an iceberg. Will their ships sink?

Optimizing the Lead-to-order Process
Learn how optimizing your Lead-to-Order (LTO) process can help you implement a successful mass customization strategy, and how the benefits of an optimized LTO process relate to lean manufacturing.

Sales and Marketing

Agile Marketing Pays Off
A greeting card company and a consumer foods producer inspired by current events help shape online marketing programs.

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