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The Equity Factor and Your Business

  Government, Politics and the Economy Senate Considers Medicare Tax on Capital Gains to Fund Health Plan According to insiders, the Senate Finance Committee is considering whether to apply Medicare taxes to capital gains and other non-wage income to help pay for healthcare reform. Management and Operations The Equity Factor People try to keep a balance between what they contribute to a relationship and what they get back from it. When they feel little or no return on that investment, engagement slips dramatically. The employer-employee relationship is no different, and that ca... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Supporting Your Sales Staff

Small Biz Tip: How to Support Your Sales Staff Tips from June 15, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about supporting your sales staff. Reiterate your company’s products and services to the sales representatives.  Keep your sales team up to date in every single way to help potential customers. Develop an annual sales plan.  Include sales and profit goals, as well as plans for the future to increase sales to new customers.  Implement the plan, and make changes to it as necessary. Offer incentives for your sales representatives.  Giving the top seller days off or allowing them to leave early will boost productivity and encourage record breaking sales. Support your sales team when they lose a sale.  Instead of watching them be frustrated, help them channel their energy into making their next sale successful. Daily Overview: Support your sales staff. They are the dr... [Read Full Article]

Small Business Indicators Fall, Small Lenders Take a Fresh Look at SBA Loans

  Government and Economy Small Business Indicators Fall with Employment A monthly index of key small business indicators fell in January to its second-lowest level in 35 years. Washington Business Journal Small Lenders Taking a Fresh Look at SBA Loans Small community banks may have once considered SBA loans too cumbersome, but now they are becoming SBA lenders in advance of economic stimulus incentives and that could open new financing for entrepreneurs. The Arizona Republic [Read Full Article]

Time to Serve and Sacrifice: Obama's Call to Small Business

Government and Economy Obama: Workers and Businesses Must Serve and Sacrifice The president's inaugural address praise for American workers and entrepreneurs may serve him well as employers brace for a spate of pro-union legislation and health care reform. Schapiro: Time to Sarbox Small BusinessThe incoming SEC chief is calling for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for smaller companies. The law mandates that publicly traded companies—and some private ones with public debt—get independent certification that they have reliable internal controls over their financial reporting. [Read Full Article]

Obama Wants Estate Tax Freeze, Rhode Island Small Businesses Could See Stimulus

Government and Economy Obama: Freeze Estate Tax at 2009 Levels President-elect Barack Obama has proposed freezing the estate tax at 2009 levels to help cover tax cuts in low- and middle-income income brackets. The effect this will have on business is, however, debatable . UAW Chief Happy White House, Treasury May Rescue DetroitUnited Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said he's happy that the White House appears poised to step in and rescue the beleaguered auto industry, although he accused GOP senators who blocked emergency loans of trying to "pierce the heart" of organized labor. [Read Full Article]

How to Motivate Your Employees

Offer a Variety of Incentives A 2006 study by Florida State University analyzed employee incentives that have a positive influence on business. Data collected from 19,319 organizations showed that companies which promote various tactics to motivate employees, such as incentive pay and flex time, experience at 10-20% improvement in employee retention, employee productivity, and profitability. Employee incentives actually save businesses money by producing content employees. Incentives come in all shapes and sizes. Many businesses offer a cash bonus as an incentive for hard work. Providing chances for promotion will also encourage employees to do their best. Promote productivity in the workplace and reward the hardest worker with extra break time. Incentives as simple as giving away t-shirts with your business' logo will motivate other employees. Marking significant accomplishments, such as a bonus c... [Read Full Article]

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