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Small Business Indicators Fall, Small Lenders Take a Fresh Look at SBA Loans


Government and Economy

Small Business Indicators Fall with Employment

A monthly index of key small business indicators fell in January to its second-lowest level in 35 years. Washington Business Journal

Small Lenders Taking a Fresh Look at SBA Loans

Small community banks may have once considered SBA loans too cumbersome, but now they are becoming SBA lenders in advance of economic stimulus incentives and that could open new financing for entrepreneurs. The Arizona Republic

Greenspan: US Not Doing Enough to Help Economy

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says the US may not be doing what it must to repair its financial system and promote economic recovery. Bloomberg

Fed Downgrades 2009 Economic Forecast
The Federal Reserve has sharply downgraded its economic projections, predicting that the economy will continue to shrink while unemployment rises. My Way/Associated Press

Management and Financial Issues

Tax Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Here is a list of tax deductions that you may not have heard of—but should. BusinessWeek

Inspire Your Workers

Jon Katzenbach explains the way "master motivators" help employees stay emotionally connected to their work during hard times. BusinessWeek

Technology Issues

Choosing the Right HR Software Package

Finding the right software package is critical to your business. A systematic game plan will lead you through the process to the right package for you. Workforce Management

Email Archiving and Compliance

Which regulations are making email archiving an increasingly important element of network administration and compliance, and what is the best way to comply? Here are some answers.

Benefits and Labor Issues

An Alternative to COBRA
There is a new health insurance product called continuity insurance, which allows people to switch their insurance on and off when they find themselves between jobs. Could this replace COBRA? Workforce Management

Auto Increases in Employee 401(k) Plans
Despite the economic turmoil, many employers with defined-contribution plans are discussing automatically increasing their employees’ contributions to the retirement plans. Workforce Management

Sales and Marketing

Take Control by Letting Go What happens when the conversation goes down a path that is at odds with your marketing objectives?

Target Marketing: Confidence and Trust
Will the financial crisis cause consumers to be more concerned about privacy and more skeptical of targeted marketing?

Looking for a Great Sales Reps? Forget the Sales Personality Stereotype

Today, more than at any time, business success depends on getting the right people on the sales team and making sure they are doing jobs that best use their innate talents. Customer Think

Local Advertising: Why Online Ads Are Struggling

As the newspaper industry continues its slow, spiraling descent into obsolescence, online sites thought they would be able to cash in on local advertising. The problem is that "local" doesn't mean much online. BusinessWeek

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