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Small Biz Tip: Generation X: Marketing via Mainstream Media

Tips from December 16, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss marketing to Generation X via mainstream media.

  1. Generation Xers are generally more open to new ideas, products or at least trying new things during TV pilot episodes. They are apt to seeing new things, and it will add to their sense of learning more about their world.
  2. Gen Xers multi-task: if they see or hear an advertisement on TV or radio they're likely to research immediately on computer or mobile device. List websites, and repeat the phone number and business name multiple times.
  3. Newspaper websites are better than the paper to reach Generation X. They grew up with the technology put out for the masses and adapt quickly. Press releases or stories about you will be noticed by Generation X because they cater to the individual rather than the entire group. Be newsworthy!
  4. Podcasts and blogs are a great medium to use as Generation X relies on them for information and value. You can ask to be interviewed on a podcast, written about by a blogger and/or choose to sponsor a writer or blogger.

Daily Overview: Appeal to Gen Xers interests within mass media by using the most easily and instantly consumable aspects of each area.


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