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Small Biz Tip: Target Audiences: Generation Y

Tips from December 2, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss Generation Y (those in their 20s and younger).

  1. Social involvement and sense of empowerment are important to Gen Y. Working together and being connected is important to this generation, especially to students.
  2. Instant gratification is crucial to Gen Y. They are used to spending money freely receiving rewards or reaping the benefits immediately and not having to wait. Market to this group with outstanding deals.
  3. Social media is KEY to Gen Y. They are on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, instant messaging, blogs, and more. It is very important to this group to link to their friends. Use social media to promote the newest deals and the sense that "everyone is doing it" to reach this audience.
  4. Gen Y doesn't trust very easily. You need to earn their trust with your brand or business. They follow trends and follow the media closely to see what is popular and what is not. Testimonial are a good way to gain that trust by establishing your trend.

Daily Overview: Earn Gen Y's trust to market to them. Connect via social media and give them a sense of community.

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