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A Window to Your Business World

Retail shops are one of the most common small businesses in America today. To compete with the other boutiques, mom & pop shops, and, yes, even retail chain stores, it is important to appeal visually to your customers. An appealing and motivating storefront window will grab people's attention and attract them to your store. Let's take a closer look.

To make a name for your business, you need to be recognized by customers, potential customers, or people who were referred to your business. Without being recognized, who will notice you? You need a few simple things to be recognized.

  • Business Name- Stating the obvious, your business name must be prominently displayed for all to see.
  • Logo- Your logo is what will help people "brand" your image in their brain. More on logo's in a bit.
  • Business Information- Don't go too overboard with using your business information as a part of your storefront design. It is important to have your store hours, address, phone number, email address, and/or website on your storefront for simple information. This information is typically on the door to businesses, but it is important to be there nonetheless. Make sure it is professionally constructed, and that all the information is current.
These three components make up the first visual impression of your business. As first impressions are lasting, it is important that they are able to reach a multitude of people. Your storefront will obviously be seen by those who are standing right in front of your business, but what about those further away? It is important to make sure that your business name and logo can be seen from the opposite side of the road.
What you display in your storefront windows is what people outside will know, understand, and see about your business. There needs to be enticement, or something to lure customers in your business, as a part of your storefront window display. The goal of your storefront window is to get people to act upon their feelings that you evoke from your display. You must create a need for people to get curious about your store and want to enter.
  • Logo- Each business needs to have a logo, regardless of how simple or complex it is. Your logo should be unique, brand your business, and easy to recognize. Find more tips on creating a logo here.
  • Product Placement- Your storefront window should give a sample of what you are providing inside your business. Having a few of your products in your window is a good way to entice customers to enter. Include a wide variety of products: fairly inexpensive, costly, new shipments, sale items, and best sellers. The most important product in your storefront window is the one that sets you apart from other stores.
  • Aesthetic- Your storefront display needs to be pleasing to the eye. Spacing, colors, design, and layout are all important factors. Glass shelves are a great way to blend in with the glass for the storefront window. Also, you could try to hang various parts of your display from the top of your window ledge with just a few hooks and fishwire. Create a theme for your design so that the colors and layout will coordinate with your products.
  • Keep Your Display Unique- People will notice any changes in your storefront display. It is important to make it unique to you and anything important going on in your business or in the world around you. Change it up for holidays, big events, important sales, and season. Make sure to meticulously plan your next design before you start to deconstruct your old display. Don't forget: changing your window is a free advertisement.

Storefront window displays can be an excellent first impression on a potential customer if you plan, design, and execute correctly. Plan ahead, show off all the right stuff, and lure your customers in the store with your logo, product placement, and design. Get creative!

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