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A Window to Your Business World

Retail shops are one of the most common small businesses in America today. To compete with the other boutiques, mom & pop shops, and, yes, even retail chain stores, it is important to appeal visually to your customers. An appealing and motivating storefront window will grab people's attention and attract them to your store. Let's take a closer look.RecognitionTo make a name for your business, you need to be recognized by customers, potential customers, or people who were referred to your business. Without being recognized, who will notice you? You need a few simple things to be recognized. Business Name- Stating the obvious, your business name must be prominently displayed for all to see. Logo- Your logo is what will help people "brand" your image in their brain. More on logo's in a bit. Business Information- Don't go too overboard with using your business information as a part o... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Holiday Marketing: Website

Tips from November 9, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss holiday marketing tips for your website. Make like Google with your logo. During the holidays go for a spirit-themed logo. Capture what might appeal most to your audience. Use your holiday logo and themes for your social media sites! Get your Facebook and Twitter audiences into the holiday spirit. Create holiday-themed landing pages (not necessarily the home page) for your website to use in both online and offline advertising. Even if you don't have a shopping cart on your website, be sure to list your in-store holiday promotions. 69% of consumers research online before coming into your store. Daily Overview: Your business can appeal to your audience's holiday spirit by dressing up online: your logo, website and social networks. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Nonverbal Communication: Logo

Small Biz Tip: Nonverbal Communication: Logo Tips from September 14, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss nonverbal communication when using a logo. Keep it simple. A logo needs to be easy for customers to recognize and remember. It also needs to be easy to reproduce. What do the colors of your logo communicate? Different colors actually can evoke different feelings so it's something to consider in the design process. Evaluate your logo size versus the product. They need to complement each other but not over power. Don't kill the message. Symbolism in logos is important, especially when attempting to be unique. But be careful, different symbols can mean different things in different places. Daily Overview: Logos build brand recognition and are your first lines of visual communication to the public.     We post these small business tips to our employee's [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Branding

Tips originally broadcast on November 24, 2008 The Small Business tips today will be about branding. Have a logo that's easily recognizable. Put it on everything that you do: avatars, letterhead, business cards etc. Be consistent! Put a blog on your website. Post often. It sets you as an expert and enables conversation with your audience. Don't try to be everything to everyone. Stand for something and stick to it. Be consistent! Participate in local business events. Don't just go, instead be on a committee and get your name / brand known! Daily Overview: Do what you say you're going to do, be reliable, be the expert, be out there, be active & most of all be consistent. [Read Full Article]

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