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The 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in America

  Government, Politics and the Economy The 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in America These companies are fast movers, defying the recession they are busily growing, profiting and rewarding their investors. US Service Economy Contraction Slows Last month, US service industries ranging from retailers to homebuilders shrank at the slowest pace in nine months, bouyed by increases in new orders and employment. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

Pulling into Their Shell: Advanta Shuts Down New Credit Purchases

Last week’s announcement was terse and to-the-point. Advanta’s Board of Directors, expecting a continuation of the recession as well as the further erosion of the company’s capital, approved a plan to “dramatically limit the Company’s credit loss exposure and maximize its capital and its liquidity measures.” These measures include the following: The Company’s securitization trust will go into early amortization based on May’s performance. Early amortization will officially be determined on June 10. Since the securitizations will not be permitted to fund new receivables after June 10, the Company will shut down all credit card accounts to future use at that time. Neither Advanta Bank Corp. nor any other Advanta-related entity will fund activity on its balance sheet from the accounts. Therefore, the Company will not take any off-balance sheet receivables onto its balance sheet. Shutting down the accounts will not... [Read Full Article]

A Brand New American Economy

  Government and Economy Geithner: Economy Stabilizing, Pain Ahead Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Monday the U.S. economy was beginning to stabilize, but cautioned that consumers will still feel the pain of the current recession. Post-Recession America: A Vastly Different EconomyWith the US economy beginning to show some early signs of stabilization, people are wondering what the “new normal” economy is really going to look like? Here are some thoughts. Management and Financial Issues [Read Full Article]

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