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The 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in America


Government, Politics and the Economy

The 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in America

These companies are fast movers, defying the recession they are busily growing, profiting and rewarding their investors.

US Service Economy Contraction Slows

Last month, US service industries ranging from retailers to homebuilders shrank at the slowest pace in nine months, bouyed by increases in new orders and employment.

Management and Operations

When Hiring, Don't Undervalue Employee Potential
A common problem is that when you hire someone, you are not buying their brains; you are buying their behavior. If their brain helps them do something to advance the mission and vision of the organization that others can't, that—and not their IQ—makes them valuable.

Survival Today Means Music from the Depression for this Guitar Maker

For C.F. Martin & Co., a leader in acoustic guitar manufacturing since 1833, riding out the recession means going back to the lessons learned during the Great Depression.

Legal Issues

Extortion Still a Real Problem for Small Businesses

The FBI is warning small business owners, primarily those of Asian descent, that they are being targeted by extortionists who threaten them by telephone after finding personal information about them on the Internet.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Investors Demanding More Environmental Accountability

There is a growing trend in the world of investment, increased demands by investors for more information on the company's climate change risk.

Advanta Faces $35 Million in Restitution Payments

Advanta Corp., the small business credit card lender that recently shut down its accounts, was ordered by regulators to plan on halting bank operations and pay customers $35 million because of allegedly “unsound” practices.

Receivables-Based Credit: A Financing Alternative

With increasing interest rates as well as the need for higher credit scores, many small business owners are feeling the credit crunch, but there is hope—receivables-based credit.

Technology Issues

6 Things to Know About Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is more than just Cost Per Copy or providing an assessment to right size the fleet. It entails the outsourcing of the fleet and document strategy to ensure the customer’s business goals are met.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Senate Healthcare Reform Details Emerge

The Senate bill has employers paying some insurance costs while prohibiting employees who can afford coverage through their employer from purchasing a plan through the proposed government-regulated health insurance exchange.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Why I Read Spam—And Why You Should Too!
You can learn a lot about writing e-mail copy and subject lines from spam.

4 Great Ways to Stay in Touch

In a weak economy, strategic communication is very important. Maintaining a regular dialogue with your customers gives you the best chance of weathering the economic crisis. Here are four, low-cost ways to bolster your strategic marketing communication plan.

Make the Most of Consumer Intelligence
By studying the online behavior of millions of Internet users, you can sharpen your marketing efforts. Here's a look at just one competitive benchmark tool.