The 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in America

  Government, Politics and the Economy The 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in America These companies are fast movers, defying the recession they are busily growing, profiting and rewarding their investors. US Service Economy Contraction Slows Last month, US service industries ranging from retailers to homebuilders shrank at the slowest pace in nine months, bouyed by increases in new orders and employment. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

Ransomware: Paying for Your Own Files

We have discussed computer security on this page before. Making sure your IT systems—even of that translates into a humble desktop unit that dates to the Clinton Administration—are safe and secure is important for any business of any size. After all, any loss of data can easily have repercussions far larger than the loss itself. But what if something happens—some nasty bit of malware infects your computer—and instead of losing your data, you are forced to pay to be able to access it? Yes, you read it right: What if your files were being held for ransom right on your own hard drive? They call it ransomware, for obvious reasons. It works by hitching a ride on a Trojan horse virus or some other piece of malware your system isn’t ready for. Once there, instead of shutting you down or having all your personal information e-mailed to the hacker that sent the thing to you, it works by making encrypted copies of your files and then erasing the originals. T... [Read Full Article]