Small Biz Tip: Internet : Your Website Name

Tips from Tuesday, March 10, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be cover naming your website and securing the domain. When choosing a domain name (your website address) consider something memorial and recognizable, such as Try to keep your domain name to less than 20 characters. Have a few different options in mind when you start out. Don't use underscores in your domain name or spelling that is "creative". That will make you more difficult to remember and find. A domain name should cost ~ $10/year. Don't get sold for more Try for good prices; domain hosting as well. Daily Overview: When getting a domain name use your company name, keep it short & save creativity for content. $10/year = your name! [Read Full Article]

Social Media Squatting: Top Sites for Your Small Business

Any small business owner knows that picking the right location - possibly in a busy mall or highly-trafficked downtown corner -- results in more customer visits and opportunities to make sales. The same rule has also proven to hold true for the Web. The rush for online real estate back in 2000 was similar to the Texas Gold Rush for domain names and created a totally new industry of "squatters". These squatters continue today to make hundreds of thousands, if not millions on the sales of "dot-com" names they've bought up cheaply and held on to waiting for the right buyer.Now, with the advent of social media, businesses big and small are rushing to claim their spot within an array of new Web 2.0 sites that are attracting millions of people daily. What's clear, is that social media sites are here to stay and just like the days of the "dot-com" Gold Rush, valuable domains within them are becoming... [Read Full Article]