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How to Post on Your Facebook Business Page as Yourself

Posting as your business on your own business page can feel really impersonal to a fan.  Sometimes you just want to comment and like updates using your personal Facebook account.  It took some digging, but I finally found it. Go to edit your page: Then choose the option "Your Settings."  There you will find an option to 'Always comment and post on your page as your business, even when logged in as yourself.' Easy enough? [Read Full Article]

Facebook Hit With Mobile Phone Number Phishing Scam

Today I saw a post from a friend on Facebook touting a new feature. Their wall post read: “Hey check this new facebook feature out, i got my own mobile number. go to to get it.” Forty minutes later I found out their account had been hacked. A quick whois on the above domain shows the url ( is registered to JIANGSU BANGNING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD and it was registered j... [Read Full Article]

Five Reasons to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Small Business

Traffic Good SEO campaigns all share a common focus: improving your ranking in the Google search results. More generally, a good SEO campaign should seek to improve your rankings at whatever sites boast the highest traffic. At the moment, Google is by far the most used site for local searches. Ninety percent of local consumers use search engines and 65% of the time that search engine is Google. In fact, Google has consistently been the number #1 visited website since September 2007, when it passed That is, until the week of March 13, 2010. During the week of March 13th, 2010 Google was the second most visited U.S. website. The first? Facebook. According the CNN, which cites the web analysis firm Experian Hitwise, “Facebook accounted for 7.07% of U.S. Web traffic... [Read Full Article]

Google Allows Custom Links to be Displayed in Google Places Profiles

In the last few days Google has begun to allow custom links to be added to business profiles in Google Places. Up until now, only one website link was allowed to be added to Google Places profiles. One of the biggest rules was the website given in the Google Places profile was to be the best online representation of that company. This will now allow a business to promote other pages such as their Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page and any other profile page the business owner wants to promote. After you click “More Details” the links display like this: [Read Full Article]

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