Small Biz Tip: Generation Y: Marketing via Mainstream Media

Tips from January 26, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss marketing to Generation Y via mainstream media. Generation Y follow celebrities. When they see their favorite actor endorsing a product or service, they will pay more attention. Keep this in mind when you are trying to reach them through mainstream media. Familiar faces mean more attention. Gen Yers don't watch the news as much as other generations. They news get their news from MTV, websites, social media, or others. If you're going to market to them via TV, make sure it is on a channel that appeals to the younger generations.  To market to Gen Y, it is important to have an emotional connection with them. You need to create a sense of belonging to attract their attention. Use Gen Yers in your ads to depict your product/service as trendy, hip, or that "everyone is doing it." Gen Yers go see movies frequently. Check out your local movie theater and see if they... [Read Full Article]

Overview of General Target Audiences

Last week, the ABC Small Business Tips explored different generations and gender as target audiences. Each generation, as well as men and women, have different approaches and insights on products, services, and businesses. These target markets are large groups, but if marketed to properly, your strategy will work on millions of people.Baby BoomersBaby Boomers consist of individuals born between 1945 and 1960. Their generation has been through decades upon decades of every single cultural and marketing trend and phenomenon of the past half century. The experiences that they have lived through (Vietnam, disco era, Berlin Wall, Desert Storm) help to define their life experiences which they rely on while thinking about purchases and trends today. This generation is full of hope and optimism because of their experiences, and know that there is an opportunity for anything to be accomplished. In this mindset, Baby Boomers are still in the workforce today because of their big... [Read Full Article]