Small Business is Looking at a Slow Recovery

  Government, Politics and the Economy Mobius: Derivatives and Stimulus Money May Trigger New Financial Crisis According to Templeton Asset Management Ltd.’s Mark Mobius, a new financial crisis will develop from the failure to effectively regulate derivatives and all the extra global liquidity from the government's stimulus spending. Survey: Small Business Optimisim Slips, Expect Slow Recovery The NFIB's monthly index of small business optimism slipped one point to 87.9 last month. It had gained 7.9 points since March, indicating a view the the economy was stabilizing. [Read Full Article]

Lawsuits and Liability—Be Prepared!

Sometimes, when you make a business decision that directly affects someone, like terminating someone, there is fallout. Consider the following from The Detroit News, March 19, 2009:  A sacked salesman is suing his former boss for more than $25,000, claiming he was fired for lacking a "flat belly." But his ex-boss says the only thing flat was his sales.Patrick J. Ronayne, 61, of Bloomfield Hills is suing Winston Golf and Winston Manufacturing for weight and age discrimination, claiming he lost his $75,000-a-year job in April 2007 because of his waistline. His lawsuit in Oakland County Circuit Court claims he was an "excellent performer" and received an unscheduled bonus in his three years with the firm.  Ronayne refused comment, but a spokesman for the Auburn Hills firm was incredulous Wednesday when he heard about the suit.  "He said what?" asked Garrett Morelock, a spokesman for the com... [Read Full Article]

Workman’s Comp: Fighting Liability

On the topic of survivor benefits for the family of a worker killed on the job, the experts at have this to say: The surviving spouse and children of a worker who is killed during the course of his employment are entitled to death benefits.  Each state’s statutes vary on how much the survivors are entitled to receive, and on the definition of spouse and dependents.  For example, divorced or separated, children out of wedlock, children over the age of 18, children in college, etc. It is important to note that unlike a civil damage claim in the Court system, in Workers’ Compensation the focus is not upon grief, mental pain and suffering, or loss of companionship. The focus is upon the loss of income being produced by the deceased worker for the surviving beneficiaries. The numbers and eligibility may vary from state to state, but the basic premise here is clear: If yo... [Read Full Article]

Business Liability and You: Things You Should Know

According to the folks at Legal Reform Now, over 15 million lawsuits will be filed in the United States this year. That works out to about 1 lawsuit per 20 people in this country. To say that we live in a litigious country, where companies see consumers as potential plaintiffs and consumers see companies as “deep pockets” is an understatement of titanic proportions. Suits are being filed over issues that are, on their face, ridiculous yet the plaintiffs often win (remember the old lady with the McDonald’s coffee?). What does that mean for you? It means that the odds of you or your business having to square off against someone in court at some point are pretty good. Not 100%, of course, but still higher than anyone would like. Knowing that, it means you have to consider this and protect yourself just in case your number comes up.  Show Me the Money! I am not going to say the following statement covers 100% of the lawsuits filed in the U.S. each... [Read Full Article]