SBA's Mills: Bank Lending Improving

  Government and Economy Mills: Banks Are Loaning Again According to SBA chief Karen Gordon Mills, efforts to get money to capital-strapped small businesses are beginning to pay-off, with banks starting to make government-backed loans. GM Begins Cutting 1,100 Dealers Facing General Motors, facing a probable bankruptcy filing by June 1, is telling 1,100 U.S. dealers they will be terminated as the automaker starts shrinking its retail network. [Read Full Article]

Business Forward and Small Business—Will it Help?

  Government and Economy White House: A Bit Loose with Stimulus Success Figures It is difficult to capture the full effect of the stimulus at this early stage, but with the high bars set for success, the White House seems to be playing fast and loose with the facts in their first report on the effect of the program. Will Business Forward Help Small Business? Business Forward, a Washington-based group soon to be launched by the Democratics, is dedicated to improving the business climate in the US, especially for small business. But the group prefers to remain silent on specific issues and now some are counselling caution about the... [Read Full Article]

Community Banks: Safe and Profitable

  Government and Economy Is Obama Anti-Business? The weekly assault on business by President Obama is becoming a fixture of this administration, or is it, as some Democrats say, merely an assault on business-as-usual? & World Climate Bill: It's On Its Way There is a compromise in the works on carbon caps and while it may not garner Republican votes, it could bring skeptical Midwestern and Southern Democrats on board. [Read Full Article]

Lawsuits and Liability—Be Prepared!

Sometimes, when you make a business decision that directly affects someone, like terminating someone, there is fallout. Consider the following from The Detroit News, March 19, 2009:  A sacked salesman is suing his former boss for more than $25,000, claiming he was fired for lacking a "flat belly." But his ex-boss says the only thing flat was his sales.Patrick J. Ronayne, 61, of Bloomfield Hills is suing Winston Golf and Winston Manufacturing for weight and age discrimination, claiming he lost his $75,000-a-year job in April 2007 because of his waistline. His lawsuit in Oakland County Circuit Court claims he was an "excellent performer" and received an unscheduled bonus in his three years with the firm.  Ronayne refused comment, but a spokesman for the Auburn Hills firm was incredulous Wednesday when he heard about the suit.  "He said what?" asked Garrett Morelock, a spokesman for the com... [Read Full Article]