Community Banks: Safe and Profitable


Government and Economy

Is Obama Anti-Business?

The weekly assault on business by President Obama is becoming a fixture of this administration, or is it, as some Democrats say, merely an assault on business-as-usual? & World

Climate Bill: It's On Its Way

There is a compromise in the works on carbon caps and while it may not garner Republican votes, it could bring skeptical Midwestern and Southern Democrats on board.

Retail Sales Drop as Unemployment Cuts Into Purchases

US retail sales dropped in April for a second month, which indicates that the rising unemployment rate is prompting more consumers to forego purchases in order to conserve cash.

Management and Financial Issues

Community Banks: Safe and Turning a Profit

Small, community banks have suffered very little during the credit crisis, in part because they prefer to be boring and safe.

Venture Capital Evaporates for Green Energy Start-ups

Venture capitalists cut spending on renewable energy so far this year, with funding for research and start-up projects falling 63% through March, according to an industry report released Monday.

Technology Issues

Outsourcing Your Network Security

When it comes to security, small-business owners are in a bind. Without the time or expertise to do the job themselves, and without the money to hire an in-house expert, many are relying on outside help to protect their computer networks from threats such as viruses and spyware.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Green Benefits: Helpful in a Bad Economy
Companies are becoming increasingly wary of offering more benefits than necessary, but there are some eco-friendly benefits to consider that can actually contribute to the bottom line.

Sales and Marketing

Social Media Marketing: The Gap Between Consumers & Marketers
For social media marketing to succeed, the effort has to build trust and be in alignment with the interests of the customers the business wants to reach.

B2B Email Marketing: Using Email to Win Friends and Influence People
Email is a great tool, if you know how to use it. Here are some tips for getting more out of in-person networking events via email.

Internet Advertising: Making a Good Impression

Looking for ways to send response rates soaring and increase the effectiveness of your Internet advertising efforts?