Community Banks: Safe and Profitable

  Government and Economy Is Obama Anti-Business? The weekly assault on business by President Obama is becoming a fixture of this administration, or is it, as some Democrats say, merely an assault on business-as-usual? & World Climate Bill: It's On Its Way There is a compromise in the works on carbon caps and while it may not garner Republican votes, it could bring skeptical Midwestern and Southern Democrats on board. [Read Full Article]

A Vicious Cycle of Sales

The headline question says it all: After Sales, Will Shoppers Pay Full Price Again? Shoppers are getting used to those 75 percent off sale signs, and that's bad news for merchants who worry they will also have to quickly slash prices on spring goods to attract customers. The story continues to describe and analyze the issue, but the bottom line is this: expectations among consumers have changed. Thrift is the Word Let’s face it, with the bad news about the economy hitting them from every direction, consumers are looking for ways to save money and through the holiday season, retailers have been more than happy to help them do that. At that point it was a kind of win-win situation: retailers needed sales and consumers needed (note that I did not say “wanted”) low prices. With employment instability, c... [Read Full Article]