Small Biz Tip: Working From Home: Office Space

Small Biz Tip: Working From Home: Office Space Tips from September 8, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss working from home: Office Space Separate your workspace at home from the rest of your house. Ideally, a designated home office would be best; if not plausible, at least have a desk. Have a separate telephone line for work to keep you focused and eliminate personal distractions. This is also required to deduct expenses. Invest in a filing cabinet. It is an easy way to keep your papers organized and out of the way of your home life, as well as keep others out. Treat your home workspace as if you working in an office: keep away from the television, distractions, & home luxuries to stay focused. Daily Overview: Pick a workplace in your home and stick with it. Establish your area and take control. [Read Full Article]

Merchants May Find Help With Credit Card Costs

  Government, Politics and the Economy Partisan Lines Forming Over Healthcare Reform The top Senate Democrats and President Obama appear aligned in support of a government-run health insurance option, facing off against Senate Republicans who say they refuse to won't back such a measure. New Bill Could Help Merchants with Credit Card Costs Under a new bill before the House of Representatives, merchants would be able to negotiate with banks to reduce the costs associated with credit card purchases. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Going Green: Printing and Materials

Tips from Wednesday, April 8, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about going green with efficiency in the office. Refill your ink cartridges instead of buying new. When you have to get rid of them though, choose to recycle. When you have to print, utilize both sides of the paper: duplex printing helps us use fewer trees. Reuse misprints as scratch paper and/or shred for packing materials. If you don’t do either, then recycle it. Print only when absolutely necessary. Keep digital records. Email. Store things online. Daily Overview: If it’s necessary to print then make sure to refill, recycle and reuse. [Read Full Article]