Small Business Loan Problems and the New Barter System


Government and Economy

The Stimulus Bill: Small Business Tax Provisions

Experts explain how the new law will provide tax relief to small companies.

Problems With Small Business Loans

The erosion of small business lending is threatening the recovery of the US economy, and will load banks with greater losses over the next year. Wall Street Journal

Making It In America

See how Boathouse Sports, a maker of customized sports uniforms and jackets, keeps a step ahead of its competitors by making their products in the USA. (Video)

Management and Financial Issues

Bartering is Back for Small Business

Small businesses, squeezed for cash and unable to get loans, are turning to the ancient barter system to get what they need. Wall Street Journal

Productivity: Getting Things Back On Time…Every Time
Effectively delegating work, letting people know what you need them to do and when you need it done will save you time, energy, and focus.

Technology Issues

Build Your Online Communities
Approaches to drive community participation and metrics to monitor the community's vitality.

Filling in the Technology Gap

As the economic downturn worsens, local chambers of commerce are gearing up to help small businesses in one key area—technology. Wall Street Journal

Benefits and Labor Issues

Preventing Employee Theft and Fraud

As if things are not hard enough, you also have to watch out for employees who steal. Wall Street Journal

E-Verify Out of the Stimulus

The E-Verify bill did not survive in the $787 billion stimulus package. It was, its sponsor asserted “stripped out of the bill without discussion or debate.” Don't worry, though, it will be back in the immigration debate. Workforce Management

Sales and Marketing

Forget Your Weaknesses, Focus on Your Strengths

Right now, focusing on your strengths is more than just a good idea, it needs to become your way of life. After all, prospective customers and clients are not attracted to fear, low energy, or tentativeness. They are repelled by it.

Some Small Businesses to Increase Ad Spending in 2009

97% of US small business owners are concerned about the economy, but 26% nonetheless plan to spend more on advertising — especially online.

Use the Internet to Survive the Recession

Most small business owners have heard the advice: In economic downturns, even recessions, you must be proactive. That holds true now more than ever and it includes continued spending on marketing and advertising.