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Cybercriminals Target Local Governments

In the News
Cybercriminals Target Local Governments
A new trend has local governments on guard: global computer hackers stealing their money.

Legal Issues
Senate May Take Up Another Pay Bill Before End of Term
Proponents say the bill would help women pull even with men in compensation levels, asserting that women make only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn. The issue takes on more urgency during a recession, they say, because women are the sole breadwinners in many households.

Fed to Keep Rates Low for ‘Extended Period’
The Federal Reserve left its benchmark interest rate near zero on Tuesday, affirming its view that job growth and other economic indicators remained weak as the United States slowly pulls itself out of recession.

Bank Failures Threaten Small-Business Lending
The U.S. Treasury Department is concerned the steady pace of bank failures could keep many small businesses from gaining access to new credit as the economy rebounds and companies seek to expand.

Pushing for More High-Growth Startups
A new study finds the top-performing 1% of young companies account for roughly 40% of the new jobs created annually. Here are ideas for encouraging more.

Financial Issues
Nearly 25 Percent of Workers Put Retirement Plans on Hold
Key reasons include a change in employment status, 22 percent; inadequate finances, 16 percent; and the need to make up stock market losses, 12 percent.

Technology Issues
Internet TV's New Ad Medium Is an Old One: Live Sponsor Ads
In a development reminiscent of the early days of television, when the familiar hosts read sponsor messages on the air, many shows running on a range of Internet TV networks feature hosts that read live ads, and those ads are valued highly by both the video creators and advertisers.

Technology Issues

U.S. Users Don't Mind Ads, Don't Click On Them Either
The majority of online news users in the U.S. are accepting of online advertising, but most also claim to ignore it, according to data from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism and its Internet and American Life Project.

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