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Government, Politics and the Economy

Build America Bonds Signal Lower Appeal of Municipal Debt

Barack Obama may be the worst thing that ever happened to tax-exempt bonds, but states and municipalities are loving his Build America Bonds, at least so far.

Experts: Economy is Going to Improve

Sure, the US economy may have contracted sharply in the first quarter, but according to some economists, there are sunnier skies are on the horizon.

Management and Operations

Bad Management Day: Custer at the Little Big Horn

Today, June 25, should be remembered as “Bad Management Day,” a day to ponder all the terrible management decisions made each year by so many overpaid, puffed-up egomaniacal CEOs whose apparent inspiration died on June 25th, 1876: Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer.

Getting What You Need Without Cash

In a tough economy like this, more and more small business owners are discovering that they can conserve their cash by bartering for the goods and services they need.

Legal Issues

Protect Your Small Business From Identity Theft

The sad truth is that when a small business falls victim to identity theft, its usually an inside job. Here's how you can protect yourself, even if your potential identity thieves really are right under your nose.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Rules Change for SBA 504 Loan Program

In an effort to help cash-strapped small businesses, the SBA permanently changed a key loan program so that businesses can refinance if they plan to expand or buy equipment.

Start-up Financing: Why Less Is More

It may be counterintuitive, but a company running on a tight budget often performs far better than a company that has gotten a chunk of Venture Capital.

Technology Issues

Microsoft Offers 'Screaming Deals' for Windows 7 Early Adopters

Microsoft has come out promising a “screaming deal” for anyone willing to order a Windows 7 upgrade more than three months before the software officially goes on sale.

Hosted IT for Small Business

Hosted IT, where computer applications are hosted on remote servers and not at the business itself, is a growing trend in small businesses. Is it right for you?

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Will the Public Health Insurance Option Kill Employer-Provided Healthcare?

Some senators are worried about the possibility that by offering subsidized health insurance to millions of individuals and families, they could erode the employer-based coverage they say they want to preserve.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Facebook and Email Integration
Here are five ways for email marketers to tap into the power of Facebook to improve their online marketing performance.

Strategic Communications: Make Every Word Count

Whether it is in support of your marketing efforts or other function, when it comes to crafting your strategic communications, you know that every word counts. Brent Sampson, author of Sell Your Book on Amazon , offers these tips to improve the impact of your business writing.