How do You Reward Your Salespeople?

Government, Politics and the Economy

Geithner: US Unemployment May Peak in 2010

According to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, US unemployment may not peak until the second half of 2010, even though the broader economy shows signs of improvement.

House Approves Food Safety Overhaul

The US House of Representatives has approved the biggest overhaul of food safety laws in decades in the wake of major outbreaks of food-borne disease that has left industries fighting to woo back wary consumers.

Management and Operations

How do You Reward Your Sales People?

Some companies pay straight commission, others a straight salary, and many more offer some combination of the two. Which is the right way to go? Here is some insight.

Legal Issues

Dealing with the Temporary Worker Visa Process

How does this longtime owner of a plant nursery and landscape design business cope with involved and difficult process of hiring H-2A workers and learn why she thinks it is worthwhile.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Tax Hikes All but Certain

According to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, widespread tax hikes are now on the table to pay for the $1 trillion public healthcare bill and to offset the fast-growing federal deficit.

Technology Issues

Turn QuickBooks into an Inventory System with Fishbowl
With its seamless integration, Fishbowl Inventory helps turn QuickBooks into an inventory management powerhouse.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Five Things You Should Do to Deal with Restrictive Covenants

Many job candidates are bound by restrictive covenants that can materially limit what they can do in their next jobs. This presents potential traps for you as their new employer, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your company.

Insurance Exchanges: The California Experience

Congress is debating the creation of insurance "exchanges" as part of an overall healthcare reform effort, but the failure of a similar effort in California may offer important insights.

Managing Chronically Tardy Employees

Employers expect employees to get to work on time. Occasional problems with traffic or family issues sometimes make employees late. But chronic tardiness is another thing altogether.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: Don't Forget Inbound Email
We all know about outbound email, but does your marketing strategy included inbound email as well? Here is what it should.

Attracting Customers in a Recession
In a recession, simply offering quality products or services at a reasonable price may be insufficient to draw in customers. Learn how these businesses creatively attracted customers in spite of the recession.

Are You Missing In-store Marketing Opportunities?
A new study finds that while customer-facing technology plays key role in the overall shopping experience, it is underutilized and marketing opportunities are being missed because of it.

Marketing That Works

During hard times, everything needs to work. Learn how the recession forced this online retailer to reshape his marketing plan.