Small Biz Tip: Technology: Accounting Software

Tips from September 29, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about accounting software for your business. Quickbooks is a fast, easy, popular payroll & accounting support. Versions for both Windows & Mac formats. Quicken is more for small business intertwined with personal finances. It separates them & regulates each. Use the program which you feel more comfortable with. Talk to other biz owners. See what they use & why. Look for updates for your accounting software. Make sure you have the most recent edition for efficiency. Daily Overview: Accounting software is meant to help & not leave you confused. Research, test, & evaluate. [Read Full Article]

How do You Reward Your Salespeople?

Government, Politics and the Economy Geithner: US Unemployment May Peak in 2010 According to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, US unemployment may not peak until the second half of 2010, even though the broader economy shows signs of improvement. House Approves Food Safety Overhaul The US House of Representatives has approved the biggest overhaul of food safety laws in decades in the wake of major outbreaks of food-borne disease that has left industries fighting to woo back wary consumers. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

President Calls for Stock Purchases as Treasury Defends Tax Hikes

  Government and Economy Small Business Help from the Government From tax advice to government contracting, the SBA, other agencies and advocacy groups are increasingly reaching out to small businesses online. Treasury Secretary: Tax Hikes NecessaryPresident Obama's Treasury secretary is defending proposed tax increases on the wealthy by explaining that such increases are necessary to limit future budget deficits. Obam... [Read Full Article]