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Consumer Confidence Soars

Government, Politics, and the Economy
Consumer Confidence Soars
A step towards the right direction, consumers are now looking positively towards the future in regards to spending, housing, employment, and the economy.

Management and Operations
3 Vital Business Lessons from Tiger Woods' PGA Loss
The big upset of Tiger Woods losing the prestigious PGA tournament has not only created a buzz in the sports world, but in the business world as well. See how Woods' loss translates into business lessons.

Management and Operations
10 Ways to Run a Risky Business
In the rough business situation America is in today, some are gambling with finances and their future to run a risky business. Here are 10 ways to do so.

Legal Issues
McCann Sues Bank of America Seeking to Void Non-Compete Clause
After firing him without reason and rejecting his resignation, Robert McCann is trying to change his exit terms by suing Bank of America Corporation that are preventing him from taking another job.

Taxes and Financial Issues
Six Ways to Speed up SBA Loan Approval
The government is quickly running out of money for a small business loan, and the money could run out within the next two months. Here is how to get approval fast.

Technology Issues
Wikipedia to Limit Changes to Articles on People
Once allowing anyone to freely edit articles on the Internet, Wikipedia is going to implement a new technique to review all edits to ensure validity and protection.

Health, Benefits, and Labor Issues
Turning Medical Errors to Good Use
Thousands of medical errors happen each year to unsuspecting victims of doctor error. Now, the medical field is turning a new leaf to learn from these mistakes for the future.

Health, Benefits, and Labor Issues
Aitken Guides HR Organization Through Policy, Politics
Human Resources is a complex part of any business, and Mike Aitken describes how to organize and manage HR responsibilities through hard work.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
The Five Biggest Mistakes in Measuring Social Media
Businesses are actively posting on Facebook, blogging, tweeting, and digging to get their names out there in the social media world. But what actions are good to take, and which are mistakes?

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Email Marketing Success is About Relevance
Email marketing is effective and a low-cost way for small businesses to reach out to their customers, but it is essential to cater your customers' needs to keep them on your side.  

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