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Small Biz Tip: Common Mistakes: Marketing

Tips from February 4, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss common marketing mistakes.

  1. Weak Message: It takes people a few minutes and thought to figure out the marketing message you are trying to send. 
  2. Focus On You: Talk only about your products, services, and business rather than what you can do for clients.
  3. No Call to Action: You attract potential customers to be interested, but do not motivate them to act on their needs and wants and bring revenue to your business.
  4. Lack of Follow Up: You receive a potential customer's contact information, but store it instead of following up and close the sale.

Daily Overview: A vague advertisement with little motivation and follow up is no way to market to customers. Avoid this by engaging with consumers, strong marketing collateral, and following up. More next week.

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