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Small Biz Tip: Target Audiences: Generation X

Tips from December 1, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss Generation X (currently late 20s - early 40s).

  1. Adjusting to the financial crisis is hard for Gen X. Their experiences in life have, so far, proven that if you work hard for something, you will receive positive results. During the recession, this is not the the case. They are not always reaping the benefits and are frustrated. Gen X will be employed but find themselves unhappy.
  2. Gen X likes to be original. Don't categorize or group them - treat them as valued individuals. Grouping them makes them feel their opinions and ideas aren't valued.
  3. They grew up alongside technology. They have had years of work experience with computers, and are involved in social media. Marketing to them via email campaigns and newsletters will catch their eye.
  4. Gen X values optimism and new opportunities. They are the audience who will most likely visit a new business, try a new product, or attend a unique event. Market new and exciting things to them.

Daily Overview: Gen X has a free spirit and believes in optimism. Cater to those wants: market to their willingness to explore new ideas, products, and services.

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