Consumers Do Homework Before Buying This Holiday Season

Government, Politics, and the Economy Is It Too Early to Start Thinking About a Rebound? It may not feel like it yet in your town or in your industry, but there are indications that things are getting better. NYtimes.comManagement and OperationsHow to Not Go Out of BusinessStart by studying how your best customers interact with your brand and its competitors, then brainstorm ways to address any shortcomings. Management and Operations [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Customer Service: Going the Extra Mile

Tips from October 15, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to go the extra mile. Be helpful even if you get nothing out of it. Assist, give advice & (gasp) talk about other businesses. Follow through with a customer. Guide them, ask if they have questions, & do all that you can to help. Offer something extra. Future coupons, freebies, small samples, or discounts help provide that extra service. Make exceptions for the customer if they have problems; offer a discount or rebate offer for future services. Daily Overview: Doing more than expected gives your business benefits and provides extra customer service. [Read Full Article]

Velazquez: Small Business Needs a Break on Cap-and-Trade

  Government and Economy Velazquez: Give Small Business a Break on Cap and Trade Small businesses need rebates to ease the higher energy costs that may result from capping carbon dioxide emissions, the chairwoman of House Small Business Committee wrote today to the Democratic sponsors of the cap and trade legislation. Small Business Credit Continues to Tighten—Just Not by as Much According to the Fed’s quarterly survey of senior bank loan officers, banks are still—for the tenth quarter in a row—tightening credit standards for small businesses, but not to the d... [Read Full Article]