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Main Street Frustration: 'Everything is Going to Banks'

Government and PoliticsWhat Obama Said About Small BusinessA short but prominent section of President Obama’s State of the Union focused on helping small businesses to create jobs. Here’s a look at what he said and what it means. BusinessWeek.comGovernment and PoliticsGlobal Workforce Report on Emerging Markets: The Backshoring MythDespite media hype about the recession driving jobs back to the U.S., the business case for outsourcing to the emerging markets remains overwhelming. Workforce.comGovernment and Politics [Read Full Article]

Are Your Sales Questions Holding You Back?

Government, Politics, and the Economy Key Week for Obama Starts on Feisty Note President Obama starts off the Tuesday after Labor Day by stressing the importance of his new government-run-health-insurance program, while key senators collaborated for a bipartisan deal. Management and Operations Hiring Without the Headaches Salary, taxes, and benefits are just some of the worries that arise for entrepreneurs when they decide to add on to their workforce. Small businesses need to have a hiring process in place to effectively hire employees for their small businesses. Management and Operations Prioritize the Customer Experien... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Google Documents

Tips from July 15, 2009 The Small Business tips today are about using your Gmail account for Google Documents to create publications. Collaborate: Google Docs enables the online sharing of files between people to collaborate & edit in real time for all to see. Communicate: chat with other collaborators while editing a spreadsheet to discuss your real time edits online. Coordinate: save your Google Docs to your account for safekeeping on the Internet, or export copies into different programs for editing offline. Convenience: create various documents, spreadsheets, & presentations with templates to avoid formatting & readjusting. Daily Overview: Create, collaborate, communicate, coordinate all with the convenience of and ease of Google Docs. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Gmail Goodness

Tips from July 14, 2009 The Small Business tips today are about small businesses using Gmail: a free, easy, and efficient email solution. Email Search: type in even a vague idea of what you’re looking for in the search bar & Gmail will find it for you. Organize: labels (like folders) allow you to mark and filter different emails of your choosing. You can also skip the inbox & send directly to a folder. Multiple Accounts: in “Settings” under “Accounts” manage multiple email addresses (not just gmail) all from one inbox. Storage: archive emails instead of deleting, then just find them in a search. Stores over 7GB (& counting!) worth of information. Daily Overview: Gmail features enable for organization, ease, safety & storage, all for free!  [Read Full Article]

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