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Are Your Sales Questions Holding You Back?

Government, Politics, and the Economy
Key Week for Obama Starts on Feisty Note
President Obama starts off the Tuesday after Labor Day by stressing the importance of his new government-run-health-insurance program, while key senators collaborated for a bipartisan deal.

Management and Operations
Hiring Without the Headaches
Salary, taxes, and benefits are just some of the worries that arise for entrepreneurs when they decide to add on to their workforce. Small businesses need to have a hiring process in place to effectively hire employees for their small businesses.

Management and Operations
Prioritize the Customer Experience
Every employee is a representative of a business. Without clear communication between upper management and employees, the standards of the company might not be upheld.
Legal Issues
Cases Pile Up in Georgia Courts
A tight budget in Georgia has forced significant cuts in spending for the judiciary, which has led to monthly delays and frustrations across the state.

Taxes and Financial Issues
Five Lessons From the Financial Crisis
Learn five quick lessons of economics from Richard Berner of Morgan Stanley as he looks back on the economy in the past year while the one-year anniversary of the collapse of the Lehman Brothers.

Technology Issues
Twitter, Facebook Pinch-Hit During Gmail Outage
While Gmail was out for over an hour last week, many Gmail turned to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to find information about the situation.

Technology Issues
Desktop, Laptop, or Netbook: What’s the Best Solution for Your Needs?
Unsure about what type of computer is best for your small business? Find out the different pro's and con's about each to get your money's worth.

Technology Issues
Top 10 Don'ts for SEO Copywriting
SEO copywriting is important to drive traffic to your business's website. Unfortunately, as SEO became popular, many people misinterpreted how to write copy and began spreading the wrong information. Here are the Top 10 Don'ts for SEO Copywriting.

Health, Benefits, and Labor Issues
Hiring to Remain 'Stable' Yet 'Sluggish'
In the final quarter of 2009, hiring levels are predicted to decline in the United States. On the other hand, other countries around the world are seeing the opposite effect as their labor markets are predicted to rebound sooner.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Are Your Sales Questions Holding You Back?
Salespeople need to ask questions to find out what their potential customers need, as well as which angle to pitch at. These questions are essential to closing a deal, and also could be what is holding you back from success.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
7 Habits of Highly Horrible Networkers
Networking is important to the success of any small business. Learn the art of how to network successfully to get the most out of your connections.

Branding, Sales, and Marketing
Can You Hire People to be Social for You?
Social media is a popular trend that businesses are benefiting from. Unfortunately, small business owners might not have the time or the energy to put in the time that social media requires. Is hiring people the right move?
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